Easy DIY projects for your apartment.

Thrilling DIY ventures to transform your apartment into your personal haven

Stepping through the entrance of our apartments in Plymouth is an invitation to amplify your creative instincts. Each residence is capacious, elegant and inviting, serving as a rare opportunity to mold a mundane space into a ‘home.’ Your abode should be your refuge, your relaxation spot and your comfort zone – and that’s why personalization is key. Looking for budget-friendly ideas on how to metamorphose your apartment into a home? Here are a handful of spectacular DIY tasks you can indulge in while being a resident at Quinn at Plymouth.


Build Your Own Farmhouse Table

What’s not to love about a stylish, country-style farmhouse table? Yet, buying one from a showroom may dent your wallet. The good news is, you can easily construct one yourself, both economically and artistically, reminiscent of a Chip and Joanna Gaines piece, all thanks to this fantastic DIY guide by Love Grows Wild. Your living room will be accentuated by your homemade, handsome farmhouse table.


Design a Statement Wall

Our Plymouth apartments are like an empty canvas that awaits your artistic touch. Enhance their beauty by adding a vibrant (or serene, depending upon your taste) color to one or two walls. This color differentiation will make the wall pop and enliven your living space. Decorate it further with photographs or artefacts that bring joy to your heart every time you glance at them.


Revive Old Mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors can create an illusion of a larger space. Visit a local thrift store and scout for mirrors of varying shapes and sizes to adorn your walls – either clustered or spread throughout your apartment. If the mirror’s frame doesn’t match your style, simply cover the glass with tapes or paper and repaint the frame in a color or texture that syncs with your decor – be it metallics, muted pastels or something unique to your taste.


Crate TV Stand

Double-up your furniture as storage space – a smart move for our Plymouth apartments. Old wooden crates are perfect for this – stain them in the shade you prefer and assemble them sidewise to make a chic, country-inspired TV cabinet. Use the open storage compartments for books, photos, plants, or anything you love to display. Follow this intuitive guide by Cashmere and Plaid for detailed steps.


Vertical Herb and Plant Garden

Plants can elevate the charm and coziness of your home. Owing to limited floor space, leverage vertical spaces near windows to create an elegant, hanging garden in your kitchen, living room or dining area. You’ll need some wooden dowels, small hanging pots, and your preferred plants – herbs, flowers or succulents. You can follow a step-by-step guide from The Bird and Her Song for this.


Our Plymouth apartments already come with countless advantages and amenities, but it’s your touch that can transform it into a home that you’ll love returning to after a long day. Visit Quinn at Plymouth to experience the canvas that awaits your personal touch.

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